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K7 On-Premises Enterprise Endpoint Security (K7 EPS)

Highly scalable, on-premises enterprise endpoint protection with granular and centralised control over applications, devices, and networks.

K7 Endpoint Security (K7 EPS) anticipates, detects, and blocks cyberthreats, ensuring uninterrupted operations and protecting confidential business information. Designed to satisfy the needs of the modern enterprise, EPS scales to protect any size of business operations, does not need an extensive in-house IT team to be deployed rapidly, and is available in Standard and Advanced editions.

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Award Winning Anti-Malware


Protect endpoints and servers from viruses, ransomware, phishing, APTs, and zero-day attacks


Web Filtering


Block malicious websites and improve productivity with category-based website access control

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Minimum Impact, Maximum Protection


Low hardware requirements avoid expensive upgrades and extend life of older devices

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Application Control


Exercise centralised control over who can use which version of which application


Multiple Daily Updates

Frequent daily definition updates ensure protection against the latest cyberthreats




Granular firewall with integrated HIDS stops intrusions and monitors all data flowing in and out of the enterprise network

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