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4 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs a Secure File Sharing Platform

October 3, 2019 | Post category: Collaboration / Data Security / EasiShare / Secure File Sharing / Sync and Backup

Digital files and assets have been the norm in organisations for a long time, but security is still a big concern. The majority of internally circulated files are shared without much attention to security. This causes problems such as files being corrupted or leaked to non-authorized personnel.

At the same time, information overload and clutter can occur if files are not managed properly. The more digital files an organisation has, the more likely it is for them to lose track of the files without a digital asset management solution—this is just one problem of improper file management. The modern organisation needs to leverage the security and management advantages of file sharing platforms to overcome these challenges and operate more efficiently.

What is a file sharing platform?

A file sharing platform improves productivity by providing features to streamline team collaboration. Examples of these features include automated file syncing, collaborating on the same document and secure file transfer.

The end goal of a file sharing platform is to simplify the sharing and access of information to boost productivity.

However, increased productivity is not the only reason why your organisation should invest in a file sharing platform. There are other benefits that give businesses the edge they need in today’s economy.

The modern organisation needs to leverage the security and management advantages of file sharing platforms to overcome these challenges and operate more efficiently

1. Improved collaboration among team members

​Face-to-face communication is obviously the ideal choice to relay information. However, there is no guarantee that every employee will be available at the desired time, especially when remote work is more common than ever. In fact, 86% of employees believe a lack of collaboration and communication are the reasons why projects fail, which shows the importance of these factors in the workplace. As a stopgap, companies rely on calls and e-mails to convey ideas and share updates. Unfortunately, these can be a nightmare to manage once they start piling up. File sharing platforms solve this problem by allowing team members to efficiently share all sorts of digital assets—videos, presentations, documents—in one place. These files become conveniently accessible by team members no matter where they are located, thereby improving communication. When implemented properly, file sharing tools can increase productivity by up to 30% according to a study by McKinsey.

2. Improved file security and authorisation

The problem with basic collaboration tools is the risk of damaging important files. For instance, a content writer could accidentally delete or erase the contents of the file being worked on, forcing the company to recreate the file. File sharing platforms prevent this as organisations can control employee access levels for shared files. This prevents unauthorised people from accessing, viewing, editing or deleting files. Some platforms even allow collaborators to “lock” a work in progress document while it is being edited so it can only be modified by a designated individual(s). This is handy when multiple team members collaborate and work on a specific document. File sharing platforms also include security features to protect files from being stolen or corrupted. By encrypting data, companies can transfer important documents (e.g., contracts, legal agreements) without worrying about the document being intercepted or corrupted along the way.

3. Project management becomes much more organised

Project managers know how tough it is to manage multiple projects and stakeholders with multiple files across all platforms. Imagine trying to keep track of files and folders while utilising several file management tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive and e-mail attachments at the same time—avoid this management stress. A secure file sharing tool ensures your projects, files, and file sharing are organised and well-managed. Tracking multiple software to manage project deliverables is no longer necessary. This leads to better performance and increased project efficiency. Teams will be more productive since it’s easier to assign tasks. All project assets are centralised and available in one place, making project monitoring easier.

4. Automated file syncing and backup

Syncing files without file sharing tools is not efficient.  The file owner has to share the file via inefficient ways like e-mail or sharing hard drives. Whenever the file is updated, it has to be shared again with other team members, wasting time and effort that can be spent on more important tasks. Organisations that handle thousands of crucial digital files on a daily basis should adopt advanced solutions that offer automated file syncing across all devices. This allows employees to access and work on files regardless of whether they’re working remotely or using their smartphones to edit documents.  A file sharing platform is a must-have for organisations aiming to improve work efficiency while minimising costs. It is a secure means of managing your digital files and assets while improving team collaboration. EasiShare provides secure, enterprise-standard file collaboration and management tools to businesses. Sign up for a free trial today to find out how we can help improve your organisation’s collaboration efforts and productivity with our platform. Learn more about how EasiShare improves team collaboration in enterprises.


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