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Inspire-Tech and Optineum announced partnership to introduce EasiShare in Malaysia

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

October 12, 2020 |

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – October 12, 2020 - Inspire-Tech Pte Ltd and Optineum Solutions Sdn Bhd announced today a distributorship agreement to sell EasiShare in the Malaysia market.

With data and mobile usage playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business moving towards digital transformation, companies are turning to access, manage and collaborate their files from anywhere and anytime. Companies recognize the importance of collaborate and share files without compromising on security. Security is Inspire-Tech’s top priority and its enterprise file share and sync platform, EasiShare, has been designed to securely manage, share and govern sensitive files.

Max Chan, Regional Director at Inspire-Tech, said: “We wanted to work with a distributor in Malaysia that has the vision to raise EasiShare to the next level in a new market. Optineum has an aligned vision with us in how we wanted to strategically promote and sell EasiShare.”

Optineum headed by Soo Chong Teck is specialized in the distribution of enterprise secure file security solutions. The primary focus of this strategic partnership is aimed at helping companies meet their functional, data privacy and security requirements.

“Partnering with Inspire-Tech to deliver transformation for our clients will allow us to provide the very best secured file sharing solutions to help people work more effectively. EasiShare will make it easier to collaborate seamlessly across all major platforms, giving people the freedom to get more done.” said Soo Chong Teck, Managing Director of Optineum Solutions Sdn Bhd.

EasiShare is designed for enterprises and government agencies to help their employees synchronise, backup and securely transfer files. The interoperable storage connectors, enterprise management design and security features make it a secure platform to orchestrate files across disparate systems and devices.

“The new normal introduced new challenges to companies in supporting remote workforce or digital transformation. EasiShare help you manage, secure and govern the exchange of sensitive files with the outside world while complying with your risk and compliance requirements” said CHUA Meng Soon, Technical Director of Optineum Solutions Sdn Bhd.

This partnership with Optineum is an important step for Inspire-Tech as we further our expansion in the ASEAN region. It is a strategic partnership as we continuously push to reduce security risk and improve workplace productivity of our customers.

About Inspire-Tech Pte Ltd Inspire-Tech has grown from a humble start-up into a future-driven organisation with multi-faceted services. Headquartered in Singapore, our multi-cultural team has the knowledge, expertise and passion to create smarter products. Coupled with a global perspective, Inspire-Tech delivers solutions that elevate the digitisation of organisations to the next level.

About Optineum Solutions Sdn Bhd Optineum Solutions Sdn Bhd specializes in the distribution of enterprise secure file security solutions to resellers and managed service providers in Malaysia. We have developed a distribution channel to market EasiShare products and make it easier for everyone to reach EasiShare product without all of the hassle.


Inspire-Tech Pte Ltd

Optineum Solutions Sdn Bhd

Gunes A

Marketing Manager

tel: +65 6255 0010

Soo Chong Teck

Managing Director

+6017-336 2788

Chua Meng Soon

Technical Director

+60 12-307 0831

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