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Enterprise File Security
Are you having trouble implementing data security policies to secure your files and digital assets?
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With increase inside of threats, you can let your guard down simply because of your end users have resisted it.
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EasiShare is an enterprise file security platform that is built on the principle’s of security, visibility and control.
Making it simple for you to manage, share and govern files.
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Design with multiple security layers, EasiShare helps you to ensure your data is protected at all times.
It gives to an extensive choice of architecture design to improve your security controls without massive investment.
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You also need visibility of transaction. easishare provides comprehensive audit logs. To detect insider threats and allows you to prevent data loss.
Finally, security is as good as the control you have put in place. With only a few clicks. Granular policy can be set on the EasiShare admin portal. To make sure only the right people have the right access to the right resources.
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These are how we make security, visibility and control easy for you.
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Learn how EasiShare helps enterprises secure their data with people in mind.
Try EasiShare today

Recognized as a leader in data security solutions, EasiShare helps to protect your files with a world class infrastructure and a trusted team.

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