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Delta Sync & Backup
Work on your files online & offline, anytime, anywhere
My job requires me to visit customers, so I am always on-the-go, or visiting project sites.
Before EasiShare, I would carry all my projects related documents everywhere.
EasiShare__Selective_Sync 2.gif
EasiShare__Selective_Sync 3.gif
I'm in India for two weeks and I know I won't be connected all the time which is why I use EasiShare.
Back in Boston, I selectively synchronize my files for this India project. I just checked the project's folder that's it.

EasiShare is kind of smart!
EasiShare__Selective_Sync 4.gif
EasiShare__Selective_Sync 5.gif
Now, I have all my plans, spreadsheets and documents available offline.
All I need is choose and I'm almost as good as online.
EasiShare__Selective_Sync 6.gif
EasiShare__Selective_Sync 7.gif
Whenever my device goes online next, EasiShare automatically synchronizes with my server in Boston.
With selective sync I'm saving bandwidth and local disk space
EasiShare__Selective_Sync 8.gif
EasiShare__Selective_Sync 9.gif
Only the files that I need travel with me.

EasiShare now with selective sync.
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